Bats GPS Tracking

Nano Backpack

If you know where the bats roost, without needing anything larger on the bats, you can get the GPS data half way around the world in your inbox.  We just combined two technologies we already had.  One was a base station that remotely collects GPS data from the bats GPS by UHF radio.  If you put the base station at the roost, that part is automatic.

The other technology is our GPS device that transmits data by Iridium satellite network.  This part is also automatic.  We combined the two technologies and then added solar charging to a large battery pack powering the base station.  That can be left unattended and when the bats come within range of that base station, all of the stored GPS data will transmit to the base station and then upload to the satellite network then down to our database where you can download the data.  If you want to, you can receive email notifications that there has been a new data transfer.

And if you decide that you want to use the base station manually, you can remove it from the charger and move around the environment to a different roost.


Micro‒Global Positioning Systems for Identifying Nightly Opportunities for Marburg Virus Spillover to Humans by Egyptian Rousette Bats

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