Brushtailed Bettong GPS Tracking

A Brushtailed Bettong GPS Collar is very special, this is not a run of the mill product. The Brushtail Bettong needs a 100% round collar that is extraordinarily smooth inside because otherwise it rubs the fur off and the Bettong gets infected. Brushtail Bettongs are a critically endangered animal so we can’t afford to lose them. As of 2021 we have nearly perfected this product. I would say perfected but there is always room for more improvement.


Telemetry Solutions incorporated a new technique so we don’t need to sew the collar. There are wires that run from the bottom to the top, there has to be a second belt to protect those wires. But, when sewn the threads are rough. So Telemetry Solutions created a new method that doesn’t need sewing. It takes about 20 times longer to prepare the collars but that is what weekends are for.  After having them on the animals for the full study, the customer reported that when the collars were removed, they still looked new. 

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