Features – Mostly standard so there is no additional cost

Our telemetry systems are feature rich but sometimes it can be confusing as to which feature is associated with a given GPS device. We think that the table of extensive features below will provide clarity. Note that many of our features are offered as standard. This is because we would like you to have them without paying extra. Amongst all, three main features are Smart GPS, Activity data logging and GPS additional Time.

FEATURES (Click on each item below to read more) COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS REMARKS
Base Station
Base station drone carried
Base station no operator
Base stations handheld
Base stations stationary to mobile
Custom designed GPS data loggers
Customer support available 365 per year
Data downloaded by multiple base stations creates a download network
Data downloaded by long range UHF up to 30km
Data downloaded by satellite
Data, automatic GPS data collection
Easy GPS device setup, no cables to communicate with device to set up at desk before deployment, all wireless EXCEPT RECHARGEABLE
GPS schedules created by user
GPS scheduled as frequently as every minute
GPS schedule can be changed remotely
Multiple uses, refurbish and reuse
Battery life automatically estimated based upon temperature and GPS schedule PERSONALIZED GPS DEVICE SETTINGS
Precision enhancing GPS additional time PERSONALIZED GPS DEVICE SETTINGS
Increase GPS success rate and extend battery life with Smart GPS PERSONALIZED GPS DEVICE SETTINGS
Reduce time in the field with personalized download advertising schedule PERSONALIZED GPS DEVICE SETTINGS
Obtain more data by using the activity data logger PERSONALIZED GPS DEVICE SETTINGS
Trigger or schedule an automatic drop off PERSONALIZED GPS DEVICE SETTINGS
Power choices non-rechargeable batteries standard
Power choices rechargeable batteries available OPTIONAL
Power choice independent GPS battery standard
Pricing multiple price plans available
Quality assurance process with 40-point final check
Sensor – Accelerometer included
Sensor – Light sensor OPTIONAL
Sensor – Temperature included
VHF transmitter for manual tracking
Warranty – 1 year EXCEPT DIY

Increase GPS success rate in your small animal research – Proven to maximize GPS success!

This is one of the features that we especially want our customers to know about: Smart GPS. You have a small battery in the GPS so we cannot just allow the GPS to turn on and stay on indefinitely.  Some field conditions and habitat will prevent the GPS from acquiring satellites. Smart GPS reduces the number of unsuccessful GPS location attempts. As a result, the feature increases GPS success rate and saves battery. Our customers who used it are very pleased with the results. Smart GPS is available for all of our current products at no additional cost. To learn more, please visit our Smart GPS page.


Our features currently include 3 sensors such are: Accelerometer, Light sensor and Temperature sensor.  To understand more about these features, please click on the hyperlinks. The table below indicates which features are available for which products. If you have any questions, please Contact us.

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