Sensor – Accelerometer included (all products)

Thank the mobile phone industry for much of what we can do in the small wildlife GPS field.  Accelerometers are in everything nowadays.  Telemetry Solutions products all incorporate a 3-axis accelerometer that is used not only for activity data logging to power the Smart GPS feature.

For wildlife research projects an accelerometer provides additional information that, when used in conjunction with the GPS data logger, gives a much broader habit picture. To that end, the Telemetry Solutions accelerometer allows you to set it up to fit your needs.

First, the activity logging can be scheduled in one of two different ways. Either set it to record activity data continuously or set it to record activity data at specific times in the day. This schedule can be broken up as you wish over the courses of the day and not every day need be scheduled like any other day.

After you have made your decision about the schedule then you get to choose the sample rate. You have three choices, 1 sample per second, 10 samples per second or 25 samples per second. This should be a broad enough choice to detect the types of behaviors that you are trying to find.

Then you have another choice and this one is about how sensitive the accelerometer is to movement. There are four choices, +/-2G, +/-4G, +/-8G, and +/-16G. The reason for this is that, suppose you are working with a large animal and you really want to detect the big movements but are not concerned about ear twitches and sneezing cheetahs but rather you are concerned with leaps into the air. Then you would use a higher sensitivity setting. But, on the other hand, suppose that you were trying to detect a hop on a really small frog. Then set up your accelerometer at +/-2G sensitivity.

And by the way, we are entirely open to other types of settings that you may require, just ask us.



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