Activity Data Logger

Obtain more data by using the activity data logger (all products)

Activity Data Logger-This feature will output raw data collected by the 3-axis accelerometer.

First of all, ever wonder why you need activity data and GPS data?  Years ago we sold some GPS to someone working with a prey animal.  The question was whether snowmobiles passing the animal affected its behavior.  He was the first client that we had that used our activity data logger and preferred the activity data to the GPS data.

For years all of our products have included activity data logging.  Due to this fact we think it is high time that the user gets choices that empower them.  Therefore we have created a group of accelerometer settings affecting how this sensor function operates.  As a result, you have settings choices in three different categories.

Rather than require the activity data logger to be on all of the time, you choose.  You may schedule the logger at whatever times you like.  Every day can have the logger on at times and off at other times.  The next day can be completely different from the previous one. In fact, you can create up to 20 unique daily schedules.  These go hand in hand with the GPS data logger scheduler.  You will use the same scheduler for both GPS and activity.  However, the times of the day for each can be totally different.

Choose the number of samples per second.  Your choices are 1, 10 or 25 samples per second.  This is a really simple setting and there is nothing more to it than that.

Most noteworthy is the G-Force sensitivity setting.  You have 4 different choices.  They range from +/-2G up to +/- 16G.  This feature allows you to detect movements in the range you need and not collect movement that is too large or too small.

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