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Automatic Download – There must be a way for GPS data to move from a GPS device to you. Because we believe that this is very important our entire product line has this feature.  While there are data download differences among products all feature an automatic download.

Three of our products use a base station.  It is important to understand that the base station can receive and send information.  It is a transceiver.  The base station can be hand-held, stationary or airborne.

Different products use different transceivers and as a result, they have different data download ranges.  Understanding this is simple if you refer to the product comparison table on our Products page.  Of course, there is a lot more to each product than the automatic download.  It seems like, in wildlife research work, there is a huge product choice range.  On one hand that is a good thing.  On the other, it makes your decision more difficult.

Especially relevant in the automatic download is the fact that you have download choices.  The base station just needs to be in the area where the GPS devices are.  How you get the base station there is up to you.  If your study animal burrows and you know where that burrow is then you just need to have the base station within burrow range.

Recently we had a client that wanted to work with an endangered animal on an Army base but the Army didn’t want her walking around out there.  She asked if we had a solution and we did.  Use one of our long-range data download products.  There is a hill just outside the base.  She could climb that hill with the base station and be within download range.  In this case, the range is up to 20 km.

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