Base Station, Drone Carried

Base station, drone carried

“The Base Station made almost no difference to the handling.”  This Base Station was built with attachment points so that our customer could attach it to the drone with cable ties.

Base station drone carried (Nano, Micro & Small)

Base station, drone carried. Is it just us or does it seem like drones are used for a lot of things these days? A few years back there was a Ted Talk about wildlife research and tracking. Much of the speaker’s ideas were farfetched but using a drone is not at all farfetched. Not anymore.

Although there are requirements and restrictions, drone use is a reality nowadays  However, in the United States, you need to register your drone. Also, all drones should be registered with The FAA. Furthermore, you must have a license if you intend to use your drone for commercial purposes. Although one could argue science is not a commercial purpose, we think the folks at The FAA get the final say on that. Firstly, it is not difficult to get a drone license. Next, all you have to do is take a class and pass a test. That can all be done online and costs about $100.

Our base stations can easily be drone carried.

You don’t need a fancy, expensive drone either. You can purchase a simple drone that will carry the base station aloft for about 15 minutes on a single battery charge for under $200.

The base stations can be lifted straight up a few hundred feet in order to provide the most data download range possible. The point of the exercise is to gain elevation above the GPS devices. As a result, you get a better line of sight. That increased line of sight increases the download range. You just control the drone, the base station is automated.

Be sure to have the proper permission to fly in your study area. Finally, if you are within a certain distance of an airport you need to contact ATC (air traffic control). You will learn all of this in your class.

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