Base Station, Drone Carried

Base station, drone carried

“The Base Station made almost no difference to the handling.” – A. Carter, Australian Wildlife Conservancy  The base stations are built with drone attachment points. Flying the base station up into the air can increase the data download range.  Anyone can now attach the base stations to a drone.

Base station on a drone (All products)

In order to increase download range, getting the base station into the air could increase your line of sight between the GPS device and the base station.  For several years, all of our base station housings include drone mounting points.  In 2024, we will release a mini-base station with all of the same download capabilities as the full size base station but weighing fewer than 100 grams.

You don’t need a fancy, expensive drone either. For under $200, you can purchase a simple drone that will carry the base station aloft for about 15 minutes on a single battery charge .

The base stations can be lifted straight up a few hundred feet in order to provide the most data download range possible. The point of the exercise is to gain elevation above the GPS devices. As a result, you get a better line of sight. That increased line of sight increases the download range. You just control the drone, the base station is automated.

Don’t forget to find out what the laws are around drone flying in your area and follow all the rules.

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