Base Station, Handheld

Base station handheld (Nano, Micro & Small)

What exactly is a base station? Base Stations are radio transceivers that communicate with our GPS devices. Although, base stations are quite small and not meant to be used exclusively as stationary data collection stations. They are small, lightweight and quite mobile. The base stations use a rechargeable battery and are capable of operating up to 40 hours on a charge.

There is an automatic data transfer over to the base station whenever there is a GPS device in the field with unsent data in its memory and a base station is within range. And the maximum data download range detected for base stations is 30 km line of sight to date. But you will not experience range this long in the field unless you use a drone or an aircraft to lift the base station. However, you certainly don’t need to do either. Firstly, you should have a data transfer range of hundreds of meters assuming your study animal is above ground,

Also, multiple base stations can be used. All base stations and GPS devices are cross-compatible.

Base Station handheld

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