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Base Station, No Operator (All products)

By default, our GPS advertise themselves to base stations every 10th minute all day, every day.  When they advertise, if there is a base station within range, a handshake between the GPS and the base station will be established.  This entire process is automated, you don’t need to do anything.  The 10 minute advertising interval may be inconvenient for field work, but you can create 2 modified advertising intervals and set the time window for them before you deploy the GPS.  By doing this, you won’t need to wait so long for the opportunity for a data transfer to the base station.

If, in the GPS device,  there are new GPS data that have never before been received by a base station, after the handshake is complete, a data download begins.  The download continues until either all of the data in the GPS device has been received by the base station or the signal received at the base station is not sufficient to receive the data.  Either way, the system is smart enough to know which data have and which have not been received by a base station.  You won’t have to worry about losing data.

After the data are received by a base station, they will not be transmitted again. However, the data will be retained in the GPS device’s memory. Regardless of how or when GPS data were downloaded, they remain in the GPS device memory until manually deleted. The memory is large enough that it won’t fill up during your study.

The data can be forced to download by connecting a base station to a laptop and instigating a download by short-range transceiver.  The short-range varies up to about 30 meters maximum.

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