Base Station

Base Station (Nano, Micro, Small)

The name Base Station is a misnomer.  They are actually very small devices that can be hand-held, they are not just base stations. The station is a small device that will easily fit in your back pocket or inside of a backpack.  An internal, rechargeable battery powers the base station for up to 40 hours of continuous use.  An external power connection provides a means to charge the battery using an external 12-volt battery.  With a solar panel, the base station can be powered indefinitely.  When secured inside a waterproof enclosure the station can act as a stationary data collection device.

Mobile Base Stations

The external battery charges the internal battery.  Therefore, any time you would like to make a stationary base station into a mobile station all you need to do is to disconnect it from the external battery.  You then have a fully charged mobile station in your hands.

Parts of a Base Station

The station shown in the photograph below has 2 antennas, one for the short-range transceiver and one for the long-range transceiver. It also has 3 L.E.D.s that indicate the base station’s battery condition as well as data downloads in progress.

Stations will download GPS data from any white listed GPS device within range.  The white list contains the transceiver addresses for all of your GPS devices.  Without being represented in the white list, a GPS device cannot automatically communicate with a base station.  However, a manual connection between the base station and the GPS device can still be achieved but only by using a laptop connected to the base station. Telemetry Solutions will white list all of your GPS devices before shipping.  You can manually add more GPS devices to your white lists whenever a GPS device is within range of the short-range transceiver.

Base Station

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