Battery Life Estimator

Battery life automatically estimated based on temperature and GPS schedule (all products)

The battery life estimator is probably one of the most important user software features. As you create GPS schedules the software estimates battery life for you.  There are several factors that influence battery life.  The interval between GPS positioning attempts is a big one.  We had a client in Australia publish a paper about this very thing.

GPS timeout has a huge effect on battery life. Almost 20 years ago when we first started working with GPS things were different.  GPS receivers had few channels.  GPS antennas were not nearly as good as they are now.  As a result it could take much longer to acquire GPS signals.  But those days are long gone.  No more are we in the days when a 240 GPS timeout is needed.  Use the battery life estimator and begin with a 60-second timeout.

The advertising interval has an effect to a lesser degree.  Most noteworthy is the mean temperature during the deployment.

People tend not to think about the temperature in relation to battery life.  Believe us, it is a huge factor.  The entire battery process relies upon chemicals.  Chemicals do different things at different temperatures.  Therefore, we use a temperature setting in our battery life estimator.  We believe it is important to include temperature rather than leave it out of the calculation.

The Telemetry Solutions user software provides a conservative battery life estimate.  For example, our software assumes that the GPS timeout is always reached.  However, in the field this is unlikely.  Consequently battery life estimates may seem conservative.  We hope that you will follow the battery life estimator.  Due to its importance, if you have any questions at all about it we want to hear from you.  The more product knowledge that you have the more likely you will succeed.


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