Download Network

Data downloaded by multiple base stations creates a download network (Nano, Micro & Small)

Download Network – Deploying multiple base stations increases the likelihood of collecting GPS data from GPS devices. Base stations operate autonomously. They can be used with no other equipment on hand such as an antenna and laptop. All you need is the base station within range of the GPS device to recover data remotely. Our entire product line has an extensive range up to 30 kilometers, under ideal conditions.

When using multiple base stations, each one knows what data was already received by a different base station and doesn’t download again. Once all the data are downloaded into the user software, there is a simple process whereby the data from different base stations is stitched into one, big file.  Remember, if you ever lose a base station before having a chance to download the data into the user software, unless you can get the GPS devices back, that data is gone forever.  Therefore, it’s best not to let that happen.

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