Drop-off Scheduling

Trigger or Schedule an Automatic Drop-Off (Micro, Small, Medium)

Small GPS with drop-off scheduling for feral cats

Small GPS with drop-off scheduling for feral cats

Drop-off Scheduling –Telemetry Solutions’s drop-off mechanism can be scheduled for a specific date or activated remotely.  The drop off technology that we use is not new and is well tested.  Firstly, there are three parts, the circuit that controls the drop off, a battery that charges a super capacitor and the hardware that breaks apart allowing the collar to fall off.  The electronics have evolved but were finalized a long time ago and are very reliable.

The Battery

The battery to charge the super capacitor is the same story, it is highly reliable. We have not experienced any issues with the mechanical part.  Why then, in the past, have clients contacted us saying that the drop off didn’t work?  Because there has to actually be a working battery at the date in the future when the drop off should happen. Sometimes people push their luck and schedule the drop off too far out in the future for a time after the battery is flat!

Drop-off Programming Policy

Then in late 2023 we changed our drop off programming policy.  This is no longer a user setting; we will agree on a drop off date and set it for you.  If later you need to change it, we can do that remotely as long as the collars are still unused. The other option for changing the drop off date is to just trigger it remotely yourself.  For this to work, you will need to be in the field with a laptop and a base station and be within range of the GPS device.

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