Drop-off Scheduling

Trigger or schedule an automatic drop off (Micro, Small, Medium)

Small GPS with drop-off scheduling for feral cats

Small GPS with drop-off scheduling for feral cats

Drop-off Scheduling – This feature can be added to the Micro, Small or Medium collars. Telemetry Solutions’ drop-off mechanism allows you to schedule your collar to drop off on a specific date. This will save you from recapturing the animal.  You can also choose to activate the drop-off remotely in the field before this date arrives. A word about drop-off mechanisms for wildlife research: The system works when tested in the office. However when it is put on a wild animal, unforeseen environmental factor can prevent it from working perfectly. Our competitors may not tell you this up front, so please be aware of it. To combat this, at Telemetry Solutions we have specific limitations that we suggest when using drop-off mechanisms.

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