GPS Data Loggers

Custom designed GPS data loggers (all products)

GPS Data Loggers-For any GPS device we do begin from a standard design foundation.  But we then vary this design depending upon your input and the specific animal being studied.  For backpacks this can be as simple as whether or not we include passageways, the passageway material and whip antenna angles.  It can be more complex when and if we get into changing the orientation of a GPS antenna from directly off the top of the battery to over to one side.  GPS devices mounted on a turtle’s marginal scute may require many modifications from standard in order to have the best GPS performance.

For wildlife GPS collars we can vary the belting material and many other things too numerous to mention here.  In 2018 we have a new collar design that, to our knowledge, has never been widely used but the time is upon us to incorporate this change.  The end result will be a smaller, lighter, more comfortable collar for

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