GPS Scheduling

GPS scheduling as frequently as every minute (Micro)

Our products offer you two different ways to set your GPS schedule, pre-deployment and other ways that use sensor information to make scheduling decisions without you.  The most basic way to set a GPS schedule it so just set an interval, from 1 minute to every 48th hour or anything in between.  Then that will be applied to a calendar where you choose the start date and end date.  Choosing an end date gets interesting because the user software will give you a battery life estimate, but when you use this scheduling method, it’s better to extend that further out into the future, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Another way is to create a schedule that includes a 24-hour period.  Just pick and choose the times in the day when you want the GPS to turn on. We call this a template.  You can create up to 20 unique templates and assign them to different days in the year and subsequent years.  You can also set days with no GPS positions buy assigning an empty template to those days.

Other ways to turn on the GPS is by a water switch, output from an accelerometer and gyroscope tied to an algorithm detecting particular behaviors, a light sensor and differences in temperature.  We also have ways for the GPS to automatically skip programmed GPS positions.

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