Long Range Download

Long Range Download up to 30km. (Nano, Small)

Transceiver data download range can be up to 30 kilometers depending upon conditions. The long-range data download system is available for two of our product lines: Nano and Small GPS Series. See more details here.

Benefits of Telemetry Solutions’ System

Unlike our competitors’ systems, Telemetry Solutions’ system does not require you to point a directional antenna at the GPS device on the animal. It is fully automatic. (Say goodbye to your Yagi antenna and laptop!) This makes our system much easier to use and also reduces room for user error. Another good news is that there is no extra cost for the remote data download.

Mobile or Stationary?

You can use a Base Station as either a stationary or mobile device. There is no human required. Base Stations are wired for external power. There are a wide variety of waterproof cases available. You can also create a download network by deploying multiple Base Stations. They can handle downloads from thousands of GPS devices. Stationary Base Stations also have infinite battery life running from an external power source with a solar panel. As a mobile system, Base Stations have 40-hour battery life before they need a recharge. Read more here.

Drone or full-size aircraft?

Longer ranges may be possible when using drones or full-size aircraft equipped with a base station. Read “Long range download test report” from our client who performed a test. Another client who used a drone to carry a Base Station said that at 170 grams, the Base Station did not affect drone handling. Read more here.

In the case of piloted aircraft, there is no work for the pilot to do, the base station does all of the work. Read more here. The pilot can concentrate on whatever it is they do. Also, the flight need not be dedicated to wildlife research. Any pilot out for a $100 hamburger can carry the base station.

“The long-distance download of these collars is great and I have been able to get some downloads without too much hassle.” – Matthew P,  Wildlife Biologist, Tasmania, Australia

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