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Quality assurance process with 40-point final check (all products)

Successful client retention is the top of our sales funnel.  Everything flows from there.  Client retention ensures that we maintain the revenue we need to support our operations, our research and development, our customer support, our employee compensation and benefit plans and our overall future. The best path to client retention is to provide a quality product that meets clients’ expectations.  With that in mind, the logical next step is to have a stellar quality control system.

Our 40 point quality control system was created when we transferred quality control responsibility from the engineering department to the customer support department.  This may sound counter-intuitive but in fact it was the customer support department and not the engineering department who had the most experience with problems that found their way out of our shop.

The system is preceded by a series of four internal tests at different phases of production.  We do 2 preproduction tests, an “in-production” test, a post-production test and then a final test after the order leaves the production floor and before it gets to the shipping department.

The most critical series is the final 40 point final check after the order leaves the production department.  This long but simple test covers everything from confirming that the product label is correct to testing the GPS performance under the most difficult conditions possible.  When we started the system back in January 2011 we saw customer support levels drop dramatically, a clear sign that our system was having the desired results.  This system is basically the same today as it was in 2011 although it has evolved to include more dramatic testing including a thermal stress test in our environmental chamber.

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