Rechargeable Batteries

Power choices rechargeable batteries available. (Optional all products)

In some cases a rechargeable battery may be desirable.  The obvious benefit is that you can reuse the device without having to return it to Telemetry Solutions for battery replacement.  But there is another benefit and that is these batteries are often lighter and have a lower profile than their primary battery counterparts. Be very careful about using rechargeable batteries in a cold environment.  Telemetry Solutions’ tests have shown that these batteries stop providing the required current at temperatures as warm as -10°C.  A rechargeable only operates from about -10°C – 60°C.  If the colder limit is exceeded the GPS device will simply turn off.  It will turn on again when the battery is warm enough to produce current.  At the higher limit, on the other hand, the battery will be destroyed and the GPS will never turn on again.

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