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Satellite download GPS (Medium GPS Series)

Our satellite download products use a small Iridium transceiver to transmit GPS data from the device’s memory to your email.  The Iridium satellite system is global and offers 2-way communication. This allows you to change GPS device settings or trigger a drop off from your computer.

The Medium GPS backpacks are available from 120 – 200 grams. The Medium GPS collars are available from 125 – 250 grams.  They are especially appropriate for projects that require GPS data and other information transmitted by satellite. Our clients who study feral cats, foxes, and Tasmanian Devils have had great success with the products. (See Testimonials)

Because it is the largest in our product line, the Medium GPS uses the best GPS device we have ever seen in a wildlife GPS product. This means that you get fantastic data sets.  GPS signals are easily acquired and location data are precise.  Furthermore, battery life is usually longer than we specify so you get more for your money.

Data are transmitted via satellite and end up on our password-protected website.  You can log into the site to view the data as well as export it in csv or kml.  You’ll keep abreast of new data because an email is sent to you each time new data are received at the server.  Open that email and click on a link to a map to view the most recent GPS locations.

Our medium GPS doesn’t just transmit GPS positions.  The products transmit location, including and temperature, battery voltage, and data acquired by whatever other sensors you need.  We recently added a humidity sensor for one of our clients so he’ll be receiving humidity data with each GPS position.

Why Iridium?

Iridium offers true global coverage including extreme northern and southern latitudes and the Polar regions. It is by far the most suitable service for wildlife research.

“At Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary in western New South Wales, AWC has deployed advanced technology Iridium GPS collars on 12 feral cats since the beginning of June. Made especially for AWC by the manufacturer, this is the first time that such collars have ever been used on feral cats.

The collars send data via satellite to a desktop computer, which dramatically increases our ability to gather and analyse movement data. Initial results are stunning: one feral cat has moved over 125 kilometres, while two others have moved more than 60 kilometres.

Such movements have never previously been recorded. Understanding behaviour like this is critical to the design of feral cat control including developing an effective strategy for a potential gene drive solution.” – Atticus Fleming, Chief Executive, Australian Wildlife Conservancy: Iridium GPS Collars

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Satellite Download

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