Scheduled Advertising

Reduce time in the field with personalized download advertising schedule (Nano, Small)

Scheduled Advertising – The long-range transceiver in the GPS device transmits the stored GPS data whenever the device and the base station are beyond the range of the short-range data transceiver. The transceiver must advertise its presence to any base station within range.  Because the GPS device has no way to know whether a base station is within range at any given time, it must advertise itself on a preset interval.  The default interval is 10 minutes but that may make field work difficult when it comes time to manually carry the base station into the field for a data download.  Therefore, the advertising interval can be modified so that at any particular time of day and on whatever days of the week you desire, the advertising interval will be another interval from 1 second up to the default 10 minutes.  And if that isn’t™ enough, you have the opportunity to set a second advertising interval too!

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