Smart GPS

Increase GPS success rate and extend battery life with Smart GPS (all products)

If your study involves animals that spend a lot of time resting in places where GPS signals cannot penetrate, like underground burrows or tree hollows, Smart GPS should be considered.  Using this feature will not only increase the percentage of successful GPS positions in the data set but it will also increase battery life.  Smart GPS works by using the 3-axis accelerometer to inform and modify the GPS schedule based upon physical movement of the animal wearing the GPS device. This feature uses a combination of movement intensity combined with the number of occurrences of this movement intensity to decide whether or not to go ahead and attempt the next scheduled GPS attempt or to skip it. You decide upon the settings, they are within your control.  Smart GPS can be used only if 3-axis activity logging is turned off.   The idea is that if there is too little physical movement then that animal is not about and about where GPS signals can find it but rather is holed up in a den or some such.

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