Stationary to Mobile

Base Stations – Stationary to Mobile (Nano & Small)

Stationary to Mobile – All of our base stations come with external charging capability. To use the base station as a stationary device and make sure the battery lasts longer than the internal battery permits (4 days), just connect a 12- 36-volt, external power source.  This external battery power can in turn be charged with a solar panel.  This makes sense if you intend to use the base station as a stationary device set in one place to collect GPS positions from the GPS devices. 

Even when using an external power supply, the base station is still operating on its internal battery. The external power source is just there to keep the internal battery charged. As such, if you need to make that base station mobile, it is just a matter of unplugging the external power and walking away with a fully charged base station. 

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