Fox GPS collar found in woods 5 years later

It happens occasionally, a wildlife GPS collar is found and the phone number on the label receives a call.  “Hello, I found a collar and your phone number is on the label.”  This time it happened in Washington state.  The biologist who deployed the Fox GPS collar retired, his replacement phoned me.  She wanted to know if we could get the data.  I told her to ship it to us and we probably can extract the location data from the Fox GPS collar.

Fox GPS collar found in woods after 6 years

The Fox GPS collar arrived while I was on the phone

The Fed Ex guy came into my office and cleared his throat.  I was discussing snowshoe hare collars with a New York biologist.  Signed for the package and opened during the call. The small Fox GPS collar inside the package looked great even though it is 7 years old and has been out in the woods all that time. I opened the USB port and plugged the collar into the user software, still talking about hares. Then I pushed a couple of buttons and 1,300 GPS positions showed up on my screen.  The battery died five and a half years ago but the data were safe and sound.  The last position had a temperature reading of 32.37° C. in the GPS data line. It must not have been raining that day.

Nice ending to the story of the missing Fox GPS collar. If you have needs for any small or medium-sized GPS please contact me at



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