GPS for Bush Dog

Miniature GPS for Bush Dog

Reliable GPS with remote data download as light as 30 grams!

Collaring a species like the bush dog requires one to be aware of the wet environment that this animal lives in. The Telemetry Solutions GPS collars are built with this in mind. In addition it is important that one consider using the Smart GPS option to eliminate the potential for high numbers of missed GPS locations during the times at which the animal is sheltered in hollow logs or burrows.

And it is paramount that the interaction between you the client, and us the manufacturer, is clear and complete prior to order placement. This ensures that the product you receive will work well for bush dogs. Remember to ask us about Smart GPS.

How it works

The great benefit of the Telemetry Solutions GPS collars for bush dogs is that they are so versatile. You have the opportunity to program the collars any way you like so that they acquire GPS locations when you need them.

Be aware that the bush dog does spend time in places where GPS signals won’t penetrate and consider using the Smart GPS option to eliminate the battery waste of trying to locate signals when it’s not possible. This is a great option that you can read more about by clicking “avoid missed fixes” in the left column below.

As with most wildlife projects you will not want to wait for your data until your GPS collars are recovered. Use the optional bi-directional communication option that we offer so that you can recover your GPS data from the collars at any time. Just track the bush dog using the tracking beacon in the collar and when you come within range of the bi-directional transceiver in the collar just activate a data download.

Data are transferred to your laptop or PDA using the Telemetry Solutions Base Station to communicate with the collar. And all data that are transferred remain in the collars’ memory for recovery by USB cable after you get the collar back.

GPS for Bush Dog Standard Features and Options

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