GPS for Feral Cat

Nano GPS Feral Cat Collar

Nano Collar

Starting at $895 U.S.D., Telemetry Solutions offers feral cat GPS collars from 4 different product lines.  Any of them could work for your project, the GPS choice is yours.  We can work that out together during a no-pressure sales call. The biggest differences among these choices are:

Price, weight, electronics bulk, GPS antenna effectiveness and the data transmission method.


Nano Enhanced Feral Cat Collar

Nano Enhanced Collar

As you can imagine, the higher the cost, the more effective and convenient the GPS product.  But that doesn’t mean that you need the highest cost product, there is a lot that can be achieved even with the lowest cost GPS collar.


Weight starts at 15 – 20 grams on the low and and up to 140 grams on the high end.  But there are plenty of options between the low and the high.  


Small Feral Cat GPS Collar

Small Collar


During our manufacturing process, everything is measured in grams.  And when you measure by the gram, there is a lot of difference in the effectiveness between different GPS antennas.  The least effective GPS antenna weighs less than 1 gram, the most effective one we use is pushing 10 grams.  If your cats are going to be in the open most of the time, the least effective antenna may be good enough.  We can easily work this out in a Zoom, WhatsApp or phone call.

Medium GPS Feral Cat Collar

Medium Collar (Iridium)





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