GPS for Flying Fox

Miniature GPS for Flying Fox with rechargeable battery

The inquiry came in from Japan. GPS with remote data download and cannot weigh more than 18 grams. No problem. We managed it with the GPS, remote data download option and VHF transmitter at just 15.4 grams. Now Telemetry Solutions produces GPS data loggers in large quantities just for bats!

Granted at this weight the battery life is not extensive but these GPS data loggers were made with rechargeable batteries. Plug them in via their USB port to charge over and over again.

GPS for Flying Fox-How it works

The first step is to schedule dates and times for GPS positioning. Do this with the user software. It is a simple process and during that process, as you create the GPS schedule the user software will calculate the estimated battery life for your GPS tracking device. As you change the GPS positioning schedule the battery life estimate will automatically update to reflect your changes.

Next save that schedule and upload it to your flying fox GPS unit. This is done with a USB cable connected to the GPS device and to your computer. The user manual walks you through this process but if you would like personal support we are happy to arrange a time for that at no additional cost. Keep in mind that there is no need for you to decide upon the GPS schedule at the time you place your order, this scheduling will be done when you receive the data loggers and you can change it at any time. In fact, if you purchase the remote data download option you can change the schedule remotely too!

Your tracking device contains a GPS module and a memory. A UHF transceiver to transmit GPS data remotely and a VHF transmitter for locating the bat are optional. Recover GPS data either by capturing the bat and downloading data via USB cable or with the optional wireless data download feature (maximum download range up to 400 meters). The remote data download feature can be activated if you are within the download range of the Telemetry Solutions GPS module. And with the more convenient automatic remote download option you don’t even have to leave the warmth of your shack for the data to be downloaded remotely. The Telemetry Solutions auto download software can trigger the base station to automatically download GPS data.

Downloaded data can be viewed in UTMs, degrees/minutes/seconds, decimal degrees or as a KML file that you can map directly to Google Earth. Another alternative is to upload your data to our secure website and view in Google Maps. This feature associates your map with a secure URL that can easily be shared. All of our GPS tracking devices for bats are powered with a rechargeable battery. Charging is easily accomplished through the USB port by plugging the device into your computer or cell phone charger.

Standard Features and Options

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