GPS for Birds of Prey


GPS for Birds of Prey with Solar Power

Custom micro GPS for Birds of Prey

Small, light, streamlined packages are the key to GPS for birds of prey. If the environment is conducive to solar rechargeable GPS units then it is well worth considering. Alternatively Telemetry Solutions makes very lightweight GPS tracking devices with options such as including a VHF transmitter and wireless remote download.

How it works

Whether you decide to use a primary battery powered tracking device or a solar rechargeable GPS tracking device you will have the opportunity to set the GPS positioning schedule before you deploy the unit on a bird. After deployment, assuming that you have chosen to include a VHF tracking beacon, you will use your VHF receiving gear to locate the study animal and then switch over to the UHF receiving equipment to trigger an on demand data download. The maximum range of the data download is 400 meters with a direct line of sight to the device.

Raptor GPS for Birds of Prey

GPS for birds of prey

Standard Features

  • User programmable GPS schedule
  • GPS additional time increases precision of GPS positions
  • Change GPS schedule remotely (requires remote option)
  • VHF radio beacon
  • Temperature output with GPS positions
  • Remote data download
  • Smart GPS to extend battery life
  • Rechargeable battery

Suitable Species: Ferruginous Hawk, Golden Eagle, Goshawk, Hawk, Owl, White-tailed Eagle

Solar Patagial GPS Tag
GPS for birds of prey


Standard Features

  • GPS positions triggered by the sun
  • Large memory stores thousands of GPS positions
  • Speed and heading output


  • Remote data download
  • Rechargeable battery enables user GPS schedule
  • FLR V

Suitable Species: California Condor, Condor

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