GPS for Bobcat

Reliable, Lightweight GPS for Bobcat

Strong but small collars with remote data transfer

Tracking bobcats with GPS collars is tricky business. Bobcats are not exactly easy to capture and track but in 2011 Telemetry Solutions has made advances in our bobcat GPS collars to make the entire process easier for the biologists in the field.

Bobcat GPS collars are of a size with is midway between the smallest Telemetry Solutions’ GPS collars and the GPS collars that we build for large mammals. And they present some unique challenges which we are happy to say we have solved.

GPS for Bobcat-How it works

Several new features enhance the 2011 Telemetry Solutions medium GPS collar for bobcats. One touch fast download is available as a user software upgrade for those who have been using the product in the past, only $45. There is also the addition of our new automatic unattended download system that can free up your time by obtaining data downloads without you. Smart GPS is a feature that will not only provide you will longer battery life but also reduce the number of unsuccessful GPS positioning attempts.

We have also redesigned the hardware package so that there is one less battery and that reduces the overall bulk of the electronic package. And we have modified the encapsulation procedure to make the entire product more robust.

There has never been a better time to be a user of the Telemetry Solutions medium GPS collars for bobcats. For more information please click on the contact us button at the top of the page and someone will reply to you within 1 business day.

GPS for Bobcat Standard Features and Options

Medium GPS Collar

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