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Miniature GPS for Fishers

Reliable GPS with remote data download as light as 30 grams!

Our GPS collars are specifically designed for fishers. That’s because it was fisher research that started Telemetry Solutions on the path to smaller and lighter GPS collars. We are fully aware of the habits of fishers and how that impacts GPS collar design. We keep everything tucked into the collar as much as possible to avoid the fisher getting caught in tree openings.

Since fishers spend so much time in tree hollows and since GPS satellite signals don’t reach those hollows you should talk to us about using our activity feature and our Smart GPS option on your GPS collars. Both of these will work to provide you with a ton more data and much longer battery life than if you didn’t have them. And it can be done a almost the same size as a VHF collar for a fisher.

GPS for Fishers – How it works

The product is simple to use. With our user software you will create a GPS positioning schedule and then upload that into the GPS collar. The software allows you to create any type of schedule that you want and while you do so it updates you regarding battery life. Every time you make a scheduling change the battery life calculator updates the estimated battery life.

Aside from setting the times and dates for GPS positioning you will also be able to set the time limit for the GPS receiver to be on looking for satellites and another setting to force the GPS to remain on for some time after satellites are acquired. The former is a battery saving feature, the latter allows you to increase the precision of the positions……but it uses more battery when you do so. Never fear, this is all clearly explained in the user manual that you download from the support page on our website.

Each collar has a VHF transmitter working 24/7 on its own battery. Track the fisher and then use the TS base station to recover GPS data from the collar. The data are transmitted from the collar to you (with the base station) on demand, whenever you like. You do not wait for predetermined dates and times for your data download, no siree Bob. If you think you know where the animals will be at some time and you want to recover data without being there just buy the collar auto software which automatically controls your base station while you are elsewhere.

Our Smart GPS feature allows you to program the collar to sense activity information and use that information to inform the microprocessor of the animals’ status. This is important so that your battery life is extended when a GPS position would have been taken according to your schedule but is now omitted because the fisher is obviously just being lazy. You don’t need a lot of positions showing the fisher resting do you? If you do then Smart GPS is not for you. But if you want longer battery life and don’t care about positions during resting times, Smart GPS is a very powerful option.

GPS for Fishers Standard Features and Options

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