GPS for Fox

When you need GPS for fox, we encourage you to give us a call and have a discussion.  We will not pressure

you to buy anything but there are many different sizes and types of foxes.  We have a full range of equipment, based on 4 different electronic platforms, and in a short conversation we can determine which is best for you.  And , we promise to:

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1. Take the time to understand your needs and suggest which of our products is best for those needs.  And if none of our products meet your particular needs, we will happily tell you that as well.

2. We will be as explicit and exact as we can to build reasonable expectations about our products.  We will not inflate performance numbers just to make a sale.  We will tell it like it is.  Our goal is to have satisfied customers.

3. Lastly, we promise to be here to support you every day of the year, that includes after hours and holidays and weekends.

For fox, we almost always sell Small GPS. Since its inception in 2009, Small GPS has evolved to make life easier for customers. The technology for data transfer h

as gotten so much easier for the user. Previously there was a 400 meter download range and a laptop and a directional antenna was needed.

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Now, there is a fully automatic base station with up to 40 km. range, no directional antenna and no user input required. 

At night, some people search for foxes in a moving vehicle with the base station running. When you are within download range of a fox, you need to stop the vehicle and let the download happen. But while driving at night it’s hard to watch The Base Station Info App to know that a data download has begun. So, at the request of a customer, we added sound to the app when the download starts and ends. Then we stop driving immediately so that we don’t drive out of download range. We have done work for Kit Fox, Island Fox, Swift Fox, Arctic Fox, Bat-eared Fox, and Red Fox and more.  Suffice it to say that we have our Fox GPS collars dialed in.  Except for bats, we have made more GPS for foxes than any other animal. 

GPS for Fox-How it works

Since you have three different product choices it is difficult to say how it works but we can tell you how all of the products work and what the differences are.  All of our products allow you to set up the GPS schedule, Smart GPS, GPS additional time, GPS timeout and various activity data recording parameters. As a result, you will need to become intimately familiar with all of these features. Smart GPS is very powerful in that it can dramatically increase the GPS acquisition success rate. This is probably the most noteworthy feature for you to understand.

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Smart GPS uses the animal’s movement, or lack of movement, to inform and modify the GPS schedule that you created. In between scheduled GPS position attempts a fox has been resting and hasn’t moved then you

may conclude it is in a place where GPS signals may not penetrate anyway. So then maybe it makes sense to skip that next GPS location attempt. In doing so you not only

save battery life and increase the GPS success rate, you also get that piece of information about the animal not having moved. That is Smart GPS.

As mentioned above, our different products vary in the data transmission methods. A short-range data download to a base station is one method. This is small and relatively inexpensive. Next, we have a radio data download that has the ability to transmit GPS data up to 30 km. to a mobile device that we call a base station. Finally, there is the satellite data transmission. Many foxes are large enough that you have the choice of all three methods.

In conclusion, we want to convey that not only do we offer a choice that will fit your project, we have years of experience making GPS for fox. Please contact us for more information.

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