GPS for Kit Fox

Small GPS For Kit Fox Starting at 70 Grams

Collars with GPS Data Transfer Range up to 12 km.

The Telemetry Solutions” Small GPS for Kit Fox has been improved.  Our Small GPS collars have always used a high-gain, active GPS antenna that receives GPS signals even in difficult situations. And now our small GPS collars also have long range, automatic data download.  With ranges of up to 12 optimal conditions, this means less time in the field collecting your GPS data.  Or even, no time in the field if combined with our Iridium satellite transceiver to send collected GPS data from base stations to your phone or desktop. These lightweight base stations can even be attached to a drone, possibly extending your data download range. The collar also has a VHF transmitter with its own separate battery.

How Smart GPS Helps You

Possibly one of the most noteworthy features of your Small GPS collar, is Smart GPS. Smart GPS can help extend your battery life, while also increasing GPS success rate. Since Kit Foxes live in underground dens, it is possible that at the time you have scheduled any given GPS location attempt, the Kit Fox will be resting underground. To avoid wasting battery life on what will most likely be an unsuccessful GPS attempt, Smart GPS recognizes the lack of movement by the study species and skips the GPS attempt. In one study, a biologist was able to increase her battery life by up to 9 times as a result of using Smart GPS. In conclusion, decreasing the number of unsuccessful GPS location attempts also increases the GPS success rate.

GPS for Kit Fox

GPS for Kit Fox

Standard Features

  • Drone Compatible
  • External Power for Base Station
  • Field Programmable
  • Smart GPS
  • Activity Logger
  • Bluetooth
  • Temperature Sensor
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer


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