GPS for Quail

Micro GPS for Quail with Data Loggers

With automatic, remote GPS data download and Smart GPS

These GPS data loggers are custom made just for quail. Using a traditional necklace the GPS hangs at the front where you normally have your VHF transmitter.

How it works

These data loggers weigh 7 grams and therefore use a rechargeable battery. You create the GPS schedule that you like either by setting exact times in the day for GPS positioning or by setting a simple interval for the GPS positioning. Given that you will have a small battery, setting exact times will most likely be your desired method for setting up the GPS schedule. You can even set some days to not have GPS at all. As you might expect this increases overall battery life.

GPS position data are downloaded automatically any time the base station is within range of a GPS data logger on the quail. Purchase multiple base stations and deploy them in the field to create a “field of data download.” Pick up the base stations after 5 days, extract your data, recharge them and deploy again. They are waterproof.

Or just take the base stations into the field and approach the quail to get the download. If they flush that’s ok. The base station downloads about 7 GPS positions per second.

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Standard Features and Options

GPS for Quail

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