GPS for Quoll

There are many different Quoll species found in Australia and we have made GPS collars for each of them. In fact, when we started making small GPS products, the Quoll GPS collar was our very first sale. Since then our product line has expanded and within each line, all of the different Quoll GPS we offer has evolved to become better, lighter and have more standard features.  


The Australians even went so far as to ask for really inexpensive DIY GPS kits which we did make but that really take too much effort to be a viable product for us. When those DIY units were made by the end user and then that project finished, they handed them off to another product and they are still going strong.



Standard Features

  • Automated, remote GPS data download to base station
  • Smart GPS increases battery life without sacrificing movement data
  • Change GPS schedule remotely in the field
  • GPS additional time for more precise GPS positions
  • On/off switch included
  • Rechargeable battery
  • VHF radio beacon
  • Activity data logging
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