GPS for Raccoons

Miniature GPS for Raccoons

Reliable GPS with remote data download as light as 30 grams!

Telemetry Solutions’ GPS collars for raccoons are designed to be very small and offer you extensive battery life with great data sets. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just click on the link below. This project takes place in Toronto and is the subject “The Nature of Things” a television program on The CBC in Canada. This production was entitled “Raccoon Nation” Click here to view program

How it works

As a Telemetry Solutions client you will utilize our website to quickly download our user friendly software. The software is your interface to create a GPS positioning schedule for your GPS data loggers. All of our GPS collars use simple USB connections that allow you to upload your schedule into the GPS unit. Your programming choices are almost limitless and there are three different programming modes to choose from; repeat mode, template mode or always on mode. If, during this set up process, you need help we are here to support you every step of the way. We can even create your program and install it for you.

Repeat mode is simple, you choose an interval at which your GPS data logger will turn on. The interval can be set to any combination of minutes and hours from 2 minutes to 48 hours, 59 minutes.

Template mode enables you to program specific times and dates for positioning and this is very powerful, not restricting you to program every day like every other day. You schedule as many positions into the day as you like and save it as a template. Then apply that template to the days in the year which should follow the schedule in that template. Create up to 20 unique templates to apply into the programming year. Don’t forget that you may also choose to create a template with no positioning. That way you can have days with no GPS positioning scheduled if that is what you need.

Always on mode allows you to choose a time and date in the future at which the GPS module will turn on and stay on. These programming modes are yours at any time, our products are built so that you can use any of these modes. There is no need for you to decide upon one or another at the time you place your order.

Your GPS module contains a memory that stores GPS data. You will recover the data by locating the collar with the VHF beacon included and then either by capturing the animal and downloading data via USB cable or by using the optional wireless data download option (range up to 500 meters). This option adds 1.5 grams to the overall weight of the product. The remote data download feature can be activated any time that you are within the download range of the Telemetry Solutions’ GPS module. And with the more convenient ‘automatic’ remote download option you don’t even have to leave the warmth of your office for the data to be downloaded remotely. With the automatic download option, the Telemetry Solutions’ base station can trigger the automatic data download by itself.

Downloaded data can be viewed in UTMs, degrees/minutes/seconds, decimal degrees or as a KML file that you can map directly to Google Earth. Another alternative is to upload your data to our secure website and view it in Google Maps. This feature associates your map with a secure URL that can easily be shared.

  • Stores up to 60,000 positions
  • Temperature sensor included
  • Stand alone VHF beacon included
  • Accuracy within 2.5 meters
  • Programmable using calendar mode to set the day and time of each location attempt or repeat mode to set the GPS location interval
  • Mortality sensor included
  • Wireless programming and data recovery
  • Always on mode: Your GPS will remain on at all times logging a fix every 5, 10 or 15 seconds. This option also includes a heading and velocity output; giving you a better insight into the animal’s activities throughout the day
  • Custom collar material and layout: If your study species needs a special material for comfort we can use a material of your choice. We also offer a selection of different electronics’ housing shapes to choose from to fit a variety of different animals.

GPS for Raccoon Standard Features and Options

Mini GPS Collar

Small GPS Collar

FLR V Collar


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