GPS for Growling Grass Frog

Waterproof GPS for Growling Grass Frog with Wireless Data Transfer

Specifically designed with small footprint

GPS for Growling Grass Frog-Whether you need a small form factor, solar power, heavy waterproofing, or an extra strong housing, Telemetry Solutions’ extensive experience in building pods and backpacks will be invaluable to your study.

How it works

Our backpacks and pods have user programmable GPS data loggers which allow you to set any schedule you would like. Each unit is equipped with a VHF transmitter to help you find the unit and can be loaded with optional features like remote download, solar power, or an activity sensor.


Nano backpacks


Standard Features

  • GPS data downloads remotely and automatically to base station
  • Base station has 5 day battery life before needing a charge
  • Smart GPS is standard….increases battery life without sacrificing data
  • GPS additional time increases precision of recorded locations
  • Starting at 7 grams and up
  • Alternative GPS schedule based upon specific animal movements
  • Shape shifting electronic circuit to fit study species
  • Activity data logger
  • GPS always on mode


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