GPS for Island Fox

Miniature GPS for Island Fox

Reliable GPS with remote data download as light as 30 grams!

These GPS collars include a VHF transmitter and GPS receiver each working from its own battery. This prevents both systems from having to rely on one power source which make the product more reliable.

And our user software is a powerful tool enabling you to program your collars in almost any way imaginable.

Increase the size of your data sets and reduce the missed GPS positioning attempts with our Smart GPS feature available for only $75 additional when purchased with the remote data download option.

GPS for Island Fox-How it works

As a wildlife biologist you have a lot on your plate, wearing many different hats doing the job of several people. So we have built our product to give you maximum flexability while keeping the set up time burden to a minimum.

As our client you will utilize our website to quickly download our user friendly software. The software is your interface to create a GPS positioning schedule for your GPS data loggers. All of our GPS collars use simple USB connections that allow you to upload your schedule into the GPS unit.

Your GPS module contains a memory that stores GPS data. You will recover the data by locating the collar with the VHF beacon included and then either by capturing the animal and downloading data via USB cable or by using the optional wireless data download option (range up to 500 meters). This option adds 1.5 grams to the overall weight of the product. The remote data download feature can be activated any time that you are within the download range of the Telemetry Solutions’ GPS module.

And with the more convenient ‘automatic’ remote download option you don’t even have to leave the warmth of your office for the data to be downloaded remotely. With the automatic download option, the Telemetry Solutions’ base station can trigger the automatic data download by itself.

Downloaded data can be viewed in UTMs, degrees/minutes/seconds, decimal degrees or as a KML file that you can map directly to Google Earth. Another alternative is to upload your data to our secure website and view it in Google Maps. This feature associates your map with a secure URL that can easily be shared.

Telemetry Solutions maintains a comprehensive user manual also available for download from our website as well as a full time customer support specialist, online FAQs, Quick Start Guides for download from the website and video tutorials. We answer all support inquiries within 1 business day.


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