GPS for Pygmy Rabbit

GPS for Pygmy Rabbit-Collar at 14 grams

With automated remote data download and Smart GPS

As of 2015 this is a newly redesigned product that we call The FLR V. It has evolved from the original FLR that we started making in 2010.

In late 2015 a client worked with Telemetry Solutions in order to develop a Pygmy Rabbit GPS collar that would meet her needs and not harm the rabbit. With several emails and phone calls we understood what she needed and supplied 12 collars. Initially there was one design issue that needed to be resolved. Here is what that client said after receiving her collars.

“…thanks very much for working with us on the collar designs and repairs! And, thanks for rushing the repairs — the collars arrived on Friday. We are really pleased with the data the collars are providing! Laura estimated ~90% fix success rate (and we guess that the rabbits are likely in the burrows at least some of the time when there are missed fixes), and the locations appear to be tightly clustered around burrow systems. We will do static trials to quantify fix rate and location errors during the summer, but the preliminary data look good. In addition, the batteries seem to be lasting longer than anticipated, likely because the animal’s body is moderating the temperature (it was -12 F one morning last week)!

Thanks again for your time and help!

GPS for Pygmy Rabbit-How it works

These GPS collars can be built with rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. At the 14 gram total weight that we listed the batteries are rechargeable. A primary (non-rechargeable) battery adds 3.3 grams and provides about 5 times more battery life.

We can make these with or without a VHF transmitter. At 14 grams they do not include a VHF transmitter but one can be added for as little as 1 gram. Heavier transmitters are available.

The user sets the days and times for the GPS to turn on to attempt a location. The schedule can be varied from day to day with no problem. This is done with the user software prior to deployment but can be changed after the device is deployed because it has a remote connection to our FLR V base station.

The base station will collect GPS data remotely from the GPS data logger on the Pygmy Rabbit. The base station will operate for 5 days before you need to recharge the battery. Anytime the base station is within range of the data loggers all previously un-transmitted GPS data will be copied from the data logger to the base station. The base station can be left in the field or you can carry it to the study area to download data. No additional device is needed in the field, the base station has everything it needs.

Available options for this product are: activity data storage and a light sensor. Smart GPS and temperature output are standard.

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GPS for Pygmy Rabbit Standard Features and Options

FLR V Collar

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