GPS for Tasmanian Devil

GPS for Tasmanian Devil

2-way communication via satellite, from the collar to your pc and back

225 gram collars include a GPS data logger, an Iridium transceiver and a VHF transmitter each working from its own battery. Isolating power for each part of the device lends itself to more precise battery life estimations based upon the performance you desire.

Our user software is a powerful tool that enables you to create a GPS schedule in almost any way imaginable. Collars are available as light as 160 grams.

GPS for Tasmanian Devil-How it works

From the collar, GPS data are transmitted to a password protected website where you can view, map or download the data from each of your collars. If you like we can also send the data directly to any email addresses of your choosing. Each collar generates a unique subject line enabling you to create rules that keep your inbox free of excessive new emails. Create an email folder for each collar and not only will your inbox be clean, at a glance you will see when new data have arrived and which collar sent that new data.

The GPS schedule is totally up to you. Set the schedule prior to deployment but know that you can change it remotely from our secure Iridium website. You can also transmit a message to trigger the drop off mechanism (if equipped). You can change the precision of the GPS position data remotely too. Finally, you can change the interval at which the data are transmitted. All of this is done from anywhere that you can log into our website.

Typically we power each electronic circuit separately. In the case of a Tasmanian Devil collar that means a battery for the VHF transmitter, one for the GPS data logger another for the Iridium transceiver and one for the drop off* if so equipped. The reason behind this is to isolate the current used by each part of the collar to better predict battery life for each circuit.

*Drop off relies upon GPS battery to track time and trigger drop action but drop off is actually powered by separate battery.

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