GPS for Turtle

First Step

Turtle GPS tracking is not new. There is no reason for you to not get what you need. We suggest that you call for a consultation. We have 4 different GPS platforms that can be used for turtles. During the call, we won’t try to sell you anything. We will determine what your choices are. Turtle GPS tracking is one of Telemetry Solutions’ oldest GPS tracking applications.

Nano Enhanced Backpack

Problem and Solutions

GPS does not work under water. We offer 3 different ways to mitigate this issue. We offer a temperature based modification, a swim versus walk detection and a water switch. Within each of those, there are user settings to hone GPS performance.

Solution 1 – Find the nest

An algorithm, an accelerometer and gyroscope offer the first solution. The sensor detects swimming and walking. User settings refer back to the sensor output. As the user, you decide how to set t

he GPS schedule. Telemetry Solutions support you during this process.

Solution 2 – The water switch

Small GPS Backpack

Let’s wait until the GPS is out of the water, then turn the GPS on. But water switches are not always satisfactory. Our design choices mitigate erroneous water switch output. Call us anytime to discuss these choices.

Solution 3 – Temperature may be enough to know

Based on temperature changes, the GPS can modify the GPS schedule. Again, the user makes the decisions. We provide the technology and you provide the brainpower behind its use.


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