Micro GPS Small Wild Birds and Bats

Micro GPS for Small Wild Birds and Bats Starting at 5 grams with Long Range Data Download Range, Up to 12 km

Our Micro GPS for small wild birds and bats can weigh as little as 5 grams and offers a maximum data download range of 12 kilometers. If you have 50 or more bats or birds to study, please ask about our quantity discount program.

How it works

First, in the user software you will create a GPS schedule and data transfer schedule. Next, you wirelessly upload the schedule to the GPS data logger. Finally, test the GPS devices in the field where you intend to deploy on your study species. The reason for the test is so that you can confirm that the GPS schedule in the device is working as you expect it to, to become familiar with the data download range and to get a grasp for the length of time required for the GPS device to calculate a position. You can set the GPS additional time to increase GPS precision.

Using the UHF transceiver on board, GPS data are automatically downloaded to any base station that has been set up to recognize your GPS devices. Any data stored in the GPS device that has not previously been downloaded to a base station will download to whatever base station comes within range. These base stations can either be hand carried into the field or set up on a large 12 volt battery and left in the field in an area where the GPS device may come within range. The maximum data download range is 12 km.

The GPS data are extracted from the base station either to a mobile device or a PC. From there you export your data to view on Google Earth or whatever GIS program you choose. Customer support is available 365 days per year via email.

Standard Features & Options

Bat and Small Wild Bird GPS

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