Miniature GPS for Banded Hare-Wallaby

Miniature GPS for Banded Hare-Wallaby with Remote Download Starting at 20 Grams

GPS tracking collars for banded hare-wallaby need to overcome two very important hazards. The first is the very aggressive behavior of the males and the second is the habitat. Telemetry Solutions uses very rugged materials to construct our banded hare-wallaby collars while at the same time keeping the collars light. As the animals are nocturnal and nest in very dense brush our Smart GPS feature overcomes the problem of missed GPS location attempts during the daylight hours. This extends battery life.

How it Works

Your GPS collars are all going to be user programmable so that you are in the driver’s seat regarding when a GPS position is attempted and for how long the GPS will remain on while attempting to lock onto satellites. This is very important in terms of battery life. As a matter of fact, you are also in control of the amount of time that the GPS remains on after satellites are acquired. This affects both battery life and GPS positioning accuracy. As you build up your GPS schedule in the user software you will see how the battery life is affected by the decisions that you are making. You can then easily make changes to the schedule, you are in complete control! You can see how this works by going to our support page and watching the programming video tutorials.

There are two different programming modes of interest, repeat mode and template mode. In repeat mode you choose an interval at which your GPS data logger will turn on. In template mode you program specific times and dates for positioning and this is very powerful, not restricting you to program every day like every other day. You schedule as many positions into the day as you like and save it as a template. Then apply that template to the days in the year which should follow the schedule in that template. Create up to 20 unique templates to apply into the programming year.

Your GPS data are stored in the collars’ memory. If you purchase the bi-directional download option you will have the opportunity to download stored GPS data remotely at any time you like. Just track the beacon in the collar to get within range of the download transceiver and activate the data download. These data will soon be on your laptop and also remain in the collar for download when the collar is recovered.

Miniature GPS for Banded Hare-Wallaby Standard Features and Options

Mini GPS Collar

Small GPS Collar

FLR V Collar

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