Nano-Enhanced Collar

Nano Enhanced Collar
Available from 5g to 20g
Suitable Animals: birds, bats and other tiny mammals

Smallest GPS, still Feature Rich

  • Automatic, long-range data collection up to 30 km
  • Smart GPS for extended battery life
  • Smart Temperature (optional), temperature changes can modify your GPS schedule
  • Temperature logging (optional), no need to install a temperature logger too
  • Turtle nesting detector affects GPS schedule to help establish GPS positions at nests

Multiple GPS Data Collection Techniques

  • Stationary base stations can be powered externally
  • Use a drone if you like to carry base station aloft
  • Use multiple base stations to create a download network

Stretch Your Research Dollars

  • Smallest GPS devices can be refurbished and reused
  • Multiple price points save you money
  • Refurbish on your own for just a few dollars

More Wildlife Comfort

  • Comfort enhanced – choose from 3 types of collar material
  • Maximum adjustability – no GPS antenna at back
  • Better fit design promotes smallest GPS collar roundness

Predictable Results with Our Help

  • Free and included for you – Hone performance with smart GPS mode
  • Accurate battery life estimate – temperature info included in estimate
  • You can change GPS schedule remotely – quick and easy to accomplish

Controls is All Yours

  • Support never ends – we support you 365 days a year
  • Your products are tested 4 different times before you receive them
  • A 12 month warranty backs you up

Lightweight GPS Collar without Compromising on Features

The Nano GPS Collar offers something that has never been available for small animals before. A lightweight GPS collar that does not scrimp on features.

The automatic long-range data download is a fantastic feature that allows you to recover at long distances. In fact, the maximum data download range is up to 30 kilometers line of sight. The accelerometer and temperatures sensors that are included open the door to more features.

Using the accelerometer to inform the GPS schedule, the collar can skip scheduled GPS positions when the study animal has been relatively still. If we assume that the animal is fairly still when it is resting and it rests in places where GPS signals cannot reach, then skipping the GPS attempt makes sense. We call this smart GPS. As a result, you save battery life but you also get a higher GPS success rate. Since the accelerometer is on gathering movement data, you get the advantage of that too, the lack of motion is recorded.

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