Practical Considerations-Data Acquisition

Practical Considerations

Data acquisition

We have 5 product lines, Nano, Nano Enhanced, Small, Medium and Large GPS.  All of our wildlife GPS product lines offer automatic, long-range* radio, data download to a mobile base station(data acquisition).  Medium and Large GPS also offer data transfer by the Iridium satellite communication system.  In other words, they include both systems radio and satellite download.  

However, the products that have the radio download can transmit to an Iridium enabled base station.  That means that if the base station is within range of the GPS for the radio download, the data collected by the base station can then transmit that data to you by satellite.  Like all of our base stations, this base station can be externally powered by a solar charged battery pack.  Please call or email to set up an appointment for a no-pressure, fact finding conversation at either +1 925-798-1942 or 

*The range varies depending on conditions, the maximum reported range is 40 km.  However, it is extremely rare that conditions for this length download will exist.  Please contact us for clarity. 

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