4 Reasons Why Wildlife GPS Cost Thousands

For those who are wondering why wildlife GPS is often very expensive, here are 4 factors that drive our prices.

  1. One income stream. For telemetry companies, revenue generated is from the sale of hardware only. Unlike cellular phone companies that generate revenue through monthly service fees.
  2. Customization. Not knowing for what species the sale will be made, we can’t stock product so we build to order and that drives up the cost.
  3. No economy of scale. “Ramping up production” here may mean a whopping 20 wildlife GPS units to produce for an order. In terms of reducing production costs, manufacturing in these quantities doesn’t help.
  4. Massive overhead. The cost of a wildlife GPS collar is more than the sum of its parts. Don’t forget these other costs: labor comes in at #1 and normal overhead items such as advertising, insurance, R&D, rent, taxes… oy… taxes… don’t get me started and a warranty.

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