Lightweight GPS For Wildlife Research-Full GPS function from 7 gram GPS

Including automatic, medium range remote data download

The FLR V Lightweight GPS For Wildlife Research starts as light as 7 grams including battery. This unique product can be built into over 300 collar and backpack configurations. Even with all the improved features, the product remains affordable!

Lightweight GPS for Widlife Research - Full GPS function from 7 gram GPS

FLR V Micro GPS Data Logger for Wildlife Research


  • Our lowest cost GPS
  • Automatic, wireless data download up to 300 meters range.
  • No human required to be present for download to occur
  • User sets GPS schedule using either a simple interval or a complex set of unique schedules applied to various days in the year and subsequent years
  • Smart GPS is standard
  • Remote download is standard
  • Greater battery life than 4000ER
  • All things being equal, FLR V is 5 grams lighter than 4000ER
  • Built-in accelerometer making motion activation, activity sensing and Smart GPS possible
  • Memory holds 60,000 lines of data
  • Temperature sensor outputs temperature with each GPS position
  • Over 300 collar and backpack configurations available
  • Available with light sensor or freshwater switch
  • Refurbishment available

Download to base station: 

  • Has rechargeable battery, works for 5 days on a charge
  • Will collect data automatically from multiple GPS units when they come into range
  • Multiple base stations can be used to create a field of download if animals are known to return to specific place.


  • Specific motion-activated GPS (specific movements can turn on the GPS data logger)
  • Drop off mechanism on some configurations
  • Solar rechargeable batteries
  • Light sensor
  • Water Switch
  • Always on mode Rechargeable batteries without solar option
  • VHF transmitter
  • Smart GPS is standard


How it works


This product consists of 2 components. The FLR V GPS unit on the animal and the FLR V base station.


  • User programmable both prior to deployment and during deployment.
  • User sets GPS position schedule and Smart GPS settings. Smart GPS allows you to control whether or not a GPS position will be attempted if the subject animal has not been active since the previous GPS position attempt.
    This feature may be enabled or disabled and you control the activity parameters that determine if the feature forces the GPS position to be skipped or not.

Base station:

  • Automatically collects data from the GPS units. No human interaction required. Leave in the field and data will be collected from all GPS units that come within range.
  • Alternatively, you can travel with the base station to the animals’ locations and when within range GPS data are automatically transferred to the base station.
  • Base station is waterproof, has a battery life of 5 days on a charge and you can drive a truck over it and it will still work.
    We know because we did it!
  • Built for extreme conditions.

Export data to your GIS program in any of the following formats: Lat/Long, UTM, KML, .dbf, .shp or .shx.

Can be configured as glue on, backpack, tailmount, collar, pod, patagial tag, ear tag, necklace or implant.

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