Multiple uses, refurbish and reuse (all products)

While all electronics have a finite lifespan, many of our clients use their GPS devices over and over. Telemetry Solutions maintains an experienced refurbishment and repair department. Battery replacements can sometimes be performed by the end user.  Some folks think that electronics manufactures build something into products to make them stop functioning at some time in the future. While there is some evidence of this we doubt that it is widespread.  Electronics components have a lifespan.  And sometimes just one component failure is enough to shut down the entire product. Electronic components heat up and cool down and this can wear them out.  It is normal.  The owner of Telemetry Solutions grew up in a house with what appeared to be an antique toaster. His mother used that toaster for more than 50 years!  At some point, it required a new electric cord but that toaster turned bread into toast without fail.  Fast forward to present day¦..that same owner is using a toaster that burns the toast after only a couple of years in operation.  Why?  He attributes it to some electronic component that his mother’s™ toaster didn’t™ have.

If you are our client needing our refurbishment service, please contact our support team by email at suppor[at]

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