March 23, 2020

Telemetry Solutions’s response to COVID-19, we are working


On the afternoon of March 16th, our county health officials announced that, as of midnight, we would be under shelter in place orders for 3 weeks.  Exceptions were made for essential businesses. Between the time that order was issued and the start of shelter in place a few hours later, all Telemetry Solutions employees were set up to work from home. 


Then, on the evening of March 19, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a statewide shelter in place order with no defined end date.  Telemetry Solutions’s employees are happily doing their jobs from home. Production is running at full capacity. All inspection and testing procedures are intact. As far as we know, even with passenger flights ending around the world, cargo flights are still moving. So we can still get product to you. 


If you need GPS equipment but your organization is slowed to the point that it cannot issue purchase orders, we will happily work with you anyway. If you have ‘end of year’ money that needs to be spent but you don’t think you can use or receive your equipment in the near future, we will work with you to get that money spent and guarantee your shipment.  Telemetry Solutions has enough of everything we need to build 1000 GPS units right now. We do not have a supply chain issue, we already have that we need. 


Finally, because many of our production employees are living in 3-generation households, Telemetry Solutions employees will only come back together when a credible source gives us the all clear.  We will disregard the gibberish coming out of Washington D.C.and our idiot president , Our top priority is to keep our people and their families safe.


To our Australian clients, given the unfavorable exchange rate, to ease that pain, we are willing to offer you discounts at this time.  


Good luck and stay safe,


Quintin Kermeen

President/Telemetry Solutions

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