The Nitty Gritty – Sensors: Smart GPS, Smart Temperature, Smart Water, Turtle Swim/Walk Detection, Temperature Logger

Sensors: Smart GPS, Smart Temperature, Smart Water, Turtle Swim/Walk Detection, Temperature Logger

Sensors can do a lot for your datasets!  Do not be shy about using the sensor features that affect the GPS schedule. 

Smart GPS

We had one client who got 9 times more battery life than predicted, just by using Smart GPS.  Smart GPS relies upon the accelerometer informing the microprocessor regarding the amount of movement between scheduled GPS positions.  Please contact Quintin at +1-925-356-1972 to learn more.

Smart Temperature

Smart Temperature uses the temperature sensor to inform the GPS schedule.  Users set up the temperature increase or decrease that triggers multiple GPS positions that were not in the original GPS schedule.  Very useful to determine when lizards emerge from cool spots into the sun.

Smart Water

Smart water utilizes a water detector sensor to affect the GPS schedule.  If the animal and the GPS are underwater there is no point turning on the GPS.  But you won’t know when to schedule GPS positions for the GPS to only turn on when the GPS is out of the water.  The water sensor takes care of this and allows you to program the GPS to stay off if water is detected when a GPS position is scheduled.  Then, after that the sensor will continue to detect the presence or absence of water and turn on the GPS or keep it off accordingly.  Finally, you can choose to force the GPS on after X number of the sensor detecting water.  It is complicated and we give you the opportunity to set up the water sensor actions as you wish.  To learn more, please call Quintin at +1-925-798-1942 or email to schedule a Zoom or phone call.

Swim/Walk Detection

If you are trying to find turtles’ nests and you can only have a very lightweight GPS device, we need a way to be sure the GPS only turns on when the turtle is walking, not when the turtle is swimming.  Our accelerometer/gyroscope sensor can detect a swimming turtle with 99% accuracy.  As for walking, the accuracy is lower.  But then, as the user, you get to program about 10 different settings that determine how the sensor will inform the microprocessor regarding turning on the GPS in different scenarios.  It is complicated but we are happy to explain it to you.  Please email to schedule a no pressure, informational phone call or Zoom.  We’re happy to help. 

Temperature Logger

The temperature sensor will output a temperature each time there is a GPS position attempt.  But some of them also offer you the temperature sensor to be used as a temperature logger, programmed independently of the GPS device. 

External sensors

We also offer sensors placed elsewhere on the study animal, remote from the GPS device.  Any type of sensor you need can communicate with the GPS device by Bluetooth and upload that sensor data remotely from the GPS devices’ data transmission feature.


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