The Nitty Gritty – VHF Transmitter or no VHF Transmitter

VHF transmitter or no VHF transmitter

Traditionally GPS collars include a VHF transmitter.  All of the Telemetry Solutions GPS devices have a UHF (not VHF) radio download device that has more range than the VHF transmitter.  To track the VHF, you need a directional antenna and a VHF receiver.  But do you need it?  Do you need to track the VHF transmitter?  In order to get the data download, the answer is; No, you do not.  However, almost everyone still asks for the VHF to be included.  The VHF almost always uses a battery separate from the GPS, therefore we are adding weight to include the VHF transmitter.  Take this into consideration if you are unsure whether or not you really need the VHF transmitter.  We can help you decide, using the widget on our website,  please What’s App Quintin at +1-925-356-1972

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