Wildlife GPS Collars with Wireless Data Transfer

Wildlife GPS collars with wireless data transfer

Small mammal GPS collars honed to perfection

New! Introducing the lightest GPS Collar at 20 grams including automatic remote data download. Please see the product below for features and options.

Telemetry Solutions custom manufactures these wildlife GPS collars just for you. That is half of the process. The other half is for you to learn how to get the most you can from the equipment and this includes learning how to use the standard Smart GPS feature. If used properly this feature is going to greatly increase the battery life of the device without adversely affecting your final set of GPS data.

How it works

Use the Telemetry Solutions software to create a custom GPS positioning schedule for your collars. As you do this the software will automatically estimate battery life. As you make changes the battery life estimation will instantly change so that you can see how your GPS schedule is affecting battery life. You may continue to change the schedule until you have exactly what you need given the battery life available. Upload that schedule to your collars.

Now move on to the Smart GPS settings. It is very important that you know exactly how this feature works so please watch the videos related to this feature. Smart GPS prevents the GPS collar from turning on when there is no point in taking the next scheduled GPS position. Two reasons why there may be no point to taking that position are first, the animal may not have moved since the last GPS position was taken and second, the animal may be in a place (den) where the GPS receiver cannot acquire signals from the GPS satellites anyway.

To learn more about this product please go to our YouTube channel and watch the videos for the FLR V product line. You may also phone us at 1-925-798-1942 or click on Company in the menu bar, then click contact us and fill in an inquiry form. We will most likely respond within 1 business day.

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